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4. Power Endurance

Power endurance can be defined as the ability of your muscles to contract at or near maximum for a greater amount of time. The more power endurance you have the longer you will be able to pull hard moves. Excellent power endurance is the ultimate goal of a difficulty competition climber, the ability to pull hard moves after already pulling numerous hard moves. Unfortunately it is also the hardest thing to train properly. It requires the correct blend between strength/power training and endurance training.

Generally power endurance can be described as climbing for 15-40 moves, or 3-8 minutes on the wall. Power endurance can be closely linked with redpointing routes. Especially indoors routes tend to be more consistent meaning that a 5.12 will have lots of 5.12 moves stacked on top of each other so that provides the perfect opportunity for power endurance training.

There are several keys to training power endurance:

4.1 Power Endurance Drills

The following are some drills that you can do on your own or with a partner to increase your power endurance.

4.2 Refernces

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